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One of the Best Paper Awardee in 4th International Youth Symposium at B K S of Business and Management Ahmedabad 1st-2nd Feb 2019: Damyanti G Badagha from SVNIT. Featured

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Miss Damyantiben Govindbhai Badagha, PhD Research Scholar from Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat presented her technical research paper in the area of concrete including waste materials in 4th International Youth Symposium at B K School of Business and Management Ahmedabad. Many reputed institutes were participated in this international symposium from different countries to present their papers. Damyanti has discussed the utilization of different types of waste materials in concrete to save environment and natural resources. Theme of symposium was “Sustainable Development Goals: Achievements, Roadblocks and way forwards”. More than 200 delegates across the world were participated for different subthemes and presentation track in symposium. Different prizes were announced for different track presentations. Miss Damyanti G Badagha has received “Best Paper Award” in 4th International Youth Symposium held on 1st-2nd February 2019 at B K School of Business and Management, Ahmedabad for the research paper entitled “Utilization of Waste Materials to Produce Economical Concrete: Achieved Goal for Environment Prevention & Sustainable Development” in Environment track. This research paper was selected and published by the conference reviewing committee for the UGG approved journal. This research paper is a part of Department of science and technology Gujcost funded MRP, “Experimental studies on High Performance Concrete Using Industrial wastes”; in which Miss Damyanti G Badagha is working as a co-investigator with Principal Investigator, Professor Dr C D Modhera, Professor of Applied Mechanics Department. From this achievement, Damyanti’s father Govindbhai, Late mother Manjulaben, Badagha Family and her parent institute SVNIT feel proud.

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